samedi 30 mai 2015

AS3 Center Video in StageVideo

I've a brief question that I'm sure some AS3 genius knows.

I'm surprised I haven't seen any other topics on this after 30 minutes of Google-fu, StageVideo seems to be largely silent.

So I've been trying out the StageVideo API in place of traditional Videos for better video playback. This is for a Flash video streamer I am creating. While I'm quite certain the only videos I'll be using it for are 16:9, I'd like for it to be versatile enough to handle other aspect ratios. So for those other ratios, how do I center the video that's shown in the StageVideo object? I just want it to be letterboxed - no scaling, zooming, or cropping.

Changing the viewPort stretches the video to fit it, which is not what I want. And the videoHeight & videoWidth properties are read-only, so it's not like I can just change those to force the video to sit back. I read on the documentation that the video aligns to the stage's top-left, maybe I can change this?

Can I center videos in StageVideo? Is this not possible, and if so, must I use a regular Video object?

Thanks for any help you can give me

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