dimanche 24 mai 2015

As3: Unable to pass ARRAY-Variable to setter-Function (Bug??)

I have a class (myDialogBox) which is used within a MULTILANGUAGE application. Therefore I save all the texts and Button-Labels within VARIABLES in the main.fla (to be able to change them at a central position).

So here's my problem:

To be able to show different messages and Buttons in the same DialogBox-Instance it has a methdod called "changeText(newText)" and a method called "changeButtons( ArrayOfButtonLabels )".

The second function "changeButtons( ArrayOfButtonLabels )" is the problem:

It works fine when I call the function like this:

myDialogBox.changeButtons( ["LabelForButton1", "LabelForButton2"] );

But when I call the function by passing an Array-VARIABLE instead of with ["...", "..."] the class-function ALWAYS "receives" the Array with a length of just 1. No matter how many Elements the Array had in the MAIN.fla.

It still reveives an ARRAY but seems so CONCAT the two Button-Labels.

So as result a result the DialogBox has just ONE Button with the label: [LabelForButton1, LabelForButton2] (without the Brackets).

So what's wrong here? Am I missing something?

Isn't it possible to pass Arrays to CustomClass-methods with a VARIABLE?

I hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance!


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