jeudi 28 mai 2015

C/C++ DLL: Converting a const uint8_t to a String

I haven't seen C++ code in more than 10 years and now I'm in the need of developing a very small DLL to use the Ping class (System::Net::NetworkInformation) to make a ping to some remoteAddress.

The argument where I'm receiving the remoteAddress is a FREObject which then needs to be transformed into a const uint8_t *. The previous is mandatory and I can't change anything from it. The remoteAddress has to be received as a FREObject and later be transformed in a const uint8_t *.

The problem I'm having is that I have to pass a String^ to the Ping class and not a const uint8_t * and I have no clue of how to convert my const uint8_t * to a String^. Do you have any ideas?

Next is part of my code:

// argv[ARG_IP_ADDRESS_ARGUMENT holds the remoteAddress value.
uint32_t nativeCharArrayLength = 0;
const uint8_t * nativeCharArray = NULL;
FREResult status = FREGetObjectAsUTF8(argv[ARG_IP_ADDRESS_ARGUMENT], &nativeCharArrayLength, &nativeCharArray);

Basically the FREGetObjectAsUTF8 function fills the nativeCharArray array with the value of argv[ARG_IP_ADDRESS_ARGUMENT] and returns the array's length in nativeCharArrayLength. Also, the string uses UTF-8 encoding terminates with the null character.

My next problem would be to convert a String^ back to a const uint8_t *. If you can help with this as well I would really appreciate it.

As I said before, non of this is changeable and I have no idea of how to change nativeCharArray to a String^. Any advice will help.

PS: Also, the purpose of this DLL is to use it as an ANE (Air Native Extension) for my Adobe Air app.

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