vendredi 29 mai 2015

Embed swf with TLF text in a Flash Builder 4.6 Project

i'm trying to embed an swf file into a flash builder 4.6 project like this

[Embed(source="path/to/my.swf", symbol="my_symbol")]
public var MySymbolClass:Class;

Then i'm adding the symbol like this

var skin:Sprite = new MySymbolClass:Class() as Sprite;

The problem is it is not showing the texts in the embeded swf. I opened the source .fla and all the texts are TLF. If I change the text to classic text it works but I don't want to change all the texts as there are may of them.

I'm exporting the swf from flash cs6. I have already tried setting the default linkage as "Merged into code" and "runtime shared library (RSL)" at the ActionScript 3.0 settings but it does not work. If I chose "Preloaded SWF" it will cause an embed error in flash builder.

I'm using apache flex 4.12.1 SDK

Is there any solution to this?


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