mardi 26 mai 2015

Embedding / Antialiasing user defined font in AS3

I can see many people have asked a similar question (and I have read them) but all the answers in those questions won't really help me 100%.

Basically I'm building a small app in Flash (or AIR) and I want to user to be able to change a textfield font to be whatever font they want off their computer.

If there anyway I can anti alias this font? I know about embed tags and external swf font files etc, but that doesn't help in this case as I want them to be able to whatever font they would like off their own computers.

I don't know if I can embed the font they choose at runtime or if there is some workaround for anti aliasing a system font that isn't embedded. In the end they are saving out the text as a PNG... so maybe there is some way to smooth out the text in an image?

Or am I just stuck with pixelated fonts with no anti aliasing? :(

Thanks for your help! Jesse.

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