lundi 25 mai 2015

Flash AS3, strangeness when setting position of child movieclip

I'm dynamically adding movieclip objects to a parent container and then setting each newly added clip's y position to the height of the container plus some number of vertical padding pixels. The desired effect is to append the new movieclip to the bottom of a vertical column of movieclips (a text message thread). What's strange is that no matter what value I specify for vertical padding, the new clip is always displayed abutted exactly against the bottom of the previously added clip, as though the padding were always 0.

var smsVPadding:Number = 10;

// Get current bounds of sms_history_mc
var bounds = sms_history_mc.getBounds( sms_history_mc.parent );
var yPos:Number = bounds.height + smsVPadding;

// Add the new SMS to sms_history_mc
sms_history_mc.addChild( newSMS );

newSMS.y = yPos;

If I set the value of newSMS.y explicitly to a number newSMS.y = 600 it works as expected. However, if I set yPos by explicitly adding the padding pixels bounds.height + 10 the result is strange again.

trace(newSMS.y) yields the expected value, but the movielip's position does not reflect this.

Any thoughts? Please tell me I'm missing something ridiculous. Thanks in advance.

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