jeudi 28 mai 2015

Flash HTML Not Working after being published to my website but works locally

Hi I have a weird issue regarding Flash Action Script 3.0. When I export my game as a HTML file and play it locally on my computer everything works perfectly. The issue only appears after I upload my files to my website (using Filezilla). The area that breaks is in my UI. In one of my scenes I have my game reading a text file that rapidly loads the text letter by letter like many RPG's do (Pokemon for example). You can only select buttons after the text is done. For some reason it won't load this text file when I navigate to the page via the internet but as I said before it works when I run it locally (opening html file from my desktop).

I haven't found any questions like this yet here so here I am.

I have a few theories regarding this issue but I have had no luck or idea testing them. 1. Browsers (Chrome, IE, etc) stop programs from reading files like this for security/compatibility issues maybe because of plugins (like how Chrome won't run Unity webplayer anymore unless you manually allow it with NPAPI plugins) 2. My web host won't or can't run and/or doesn't allow file reading like this. 3. The way filezilla transfers files to my web host doesn't allow or changes the way my swf works.

I have not had any issues like this before using flash (HTML or otherwise). Is there anyway to fix this or at least try to fix this?

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