jeudi 28 mai 2015

Flex 3.5 app that doesn't work well when in Chrome?

I have a big application that is build using flex 3.5. It runs on a server environment (Apache-MySQL-PHP) and does heavy calls tot the backed using HTTPService to POST to php commands and fetch xml files. On the backend there is also a network application built with C++ that runs on localhost:55557. Flex connects to the socket and retrieves signals coming from the hardware...

For now everything is in localhost so no cross-domain issues there.

The application works perfectly fine in all browsers (Safari, Opera, Firefox) but doesn't work properly in Chrome. It loads correctly but when you click the "Start" it doesn't work and freezes, in the point when is asking to communicate with the socket. It did communicate before with the socket when the application loaded but it doesn't do it again.

Does anyone know why a flex application would have network connection issues in Chrome but not in any other browser? Does it have to do with browser security? Anyone had a same or similar issue?

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