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How to escape an equals sign in param element's value attribute?

I have an embed tag that will be used to store a SWF object. I've been following this documentation here

I need to create a parameter with a name equal to FlashVars.

I need to store an API token in the value attribute. The problem is there is an equals sign in the token itself.

My token is

var token = "GABVZgTs_____2R2cHlzNHd5ZXg3Z2M0OXdoaDY3aHdrbo80onzX6aHp2ytZg17l7bE="

<object data="">
  <param name=FlashVars

The result of the value attribute is to be embedded inside quotes. Then inside the quotes you have the syntax


but the value itself has an equals sign in it. Am I supposed to embed the value inside the value inside quotation marks?

Here are the API instructions

The API SWF must be embedded from with the following flashvars arguments:

playbackToken: a valid playback token, retrieved from the getPlaybackToken Web Service API method

domain: the domain that the SWF will be embedded in

listener" the name of a JS object to receive callbacks

enableLogging: Optional, provides debug logging when set to 1 The easiest way to embed the SWF is to use the SWFObject library.

Status callbacks will be called on whatever object was passed in as the callback parameter. For example if foo was supplied then the ready callback will be called as

Methods can be called directly on the embed object — the or tag’s DOM node. Since Flash itself defines some methods all methods are prefixed with rdio_.

To call the play method on an API SWF with ID bar you could call:

I've also been using this source

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