vendredi 29 mai 2015

iOS 8 - Starling context loss on open camera roll gallery

I am creating an app on iOS in Flash Builder, with as3. The app uses the Starling plugin:

My app allows users to take photos and customise them. When attempting to access the camera or camera roll on iOS 8, I get the error message "The application lost the device context!".

On Android, I can get around this problem with this line:

            Starling.handleLostContext = true;

But I am told that iOS should never lose context (and I haven't seen it lose context on iOS 7 or below).

If I include that line in iOS 8, the application crashes at around the same point, but in this case the app crashes completely, and returns me to the home screen rather than displaying the previous message.

I have heard there are restrictions on iOS 8 with regards to the use of 64 bit/32 bit plugins and extensions, but I am not using any ANEs in this particular app. Are there any other areas where 32-bit could be causing problems or is that strictly related to ANEs?

I don't get this error on iOS 7 or below or Android, unless I set handleLostContext to false.

Any help would be appreciated.

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