lundi 25 mai 2015

Merge two images and retain its transparency

It was a while since I programmed AS3. Now I have a problem where I need to merge the two images where the upper image is a png that must retain its transparency. The upper image is an area that must pass through the lower image. A bit like a masked layer.

The result of this merge should result in a a display object. This object will later be sent to a method with the following signature:

public function addImage (display object: DisplayObject x: Number = 0; y: Number = 0; width: Number = 0, height: Number = 0, image format: String = "PNG" Quality: Number = 100, alpha: Number = 1, resizeMode: String = "None," blendMode: String = "Normal", keep the transformation: Boolean = true, Link: String = ''): void

Any advice is of the utmost interest. Thanks!

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