jeudi 25 juin 2015

Adobe Air - Starling/Features | Controls and device simulator

I have few questions here, regarding creating app in Adobe Air using Starling and feathers.

I created yet a very simple app, which has Feathers list controller with static data provided to its dataProvider. According to the code it should work fine, but there are three major issues I am facing.

1: Touch/Click Positions

I am using:

list.addEventListener( Event.CHANGE, list_changeHandler );

Now the problem is, clicking coordinates are not correct. Clicking on 3rd Item triggered 4th item, to trigger 3rd, 2nd item needs to be clicked it's half way through etc.

2: Nothing, without Theme

I am using a custom theme, came along with a tutorial. If I don't use the theme, I am unable to see anything on the screen, somehow.

3: Resolution (Device Simulator) Problem

Though buggy, but it works with Theme, but my app doesn't fit with the resolution for each device simulator. Either its, iPad or iPhone 4 or any android simulator.

Also, can anyone please also explains, what is significance and use of Context3D render mode in starling class.

Any help is appreciated:

Thanks in advance Waqar Iqbal

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