lundi 29 juin 2015

Adobe Flash game involving comparison of movie clips objects

  • layout on the game

I'm working on a simple food game where there are 9 pictures of ingredients and every dish has only two of these ingredients found in them. I can specify or hard code which pictures are correct. I dont need to shuffle them too.

The user when successfully clicked on the 2 correct ingredients, an output will be shown below to tell them they have got it correct. If its one or none, the game will reset.

  • The problem

I have done the shell so far where the layout of the game has been done but lacking the actionscript portion of the game, i have done some research on memory games but i feel that there is much difference in the coding.

Picture below:

1) The user will start by clicking any 2 square on the left (eg: sp1 and sp3)

2) If it is correct, the user will be brought to another frame to start on the second dish

3) If the combination is wrong, the blue box will show "incorrect" and game resets

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