lundi 29 juin 2015

Adobe Scout: gotoAndPlay() function is heavier than it seems?

profiling the game with Adobe Scout

At some point of development of my new game, I stumbled upon a problem which lead me to discovery of Adobe Scout. The problem occurred after some time of gameplay when the game started lagging more and more heavily up to the point when the whole application crashed. I did some profiling with Scout, and here's what I found: most, if not every heavy memory load is caused by gotoAndPlay() function (if I understand the data presented by the profiler correctly). This function always seemed and even felt like an easy task for Flash, but turns out it's not? Or is it caused by using text labels instead of frame numbers? I am currently looking for possible workarounds to use this method less, and while I do, it would be infinitely helpful to hear thoughts or possible options from people who are aware of this issue.

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