vendredi 26 juin 2015

AS3 Change picture-color inside symbol

I am kinda new to Adobe Flash, but I got some experience. I am trying to create a simple game. I was using the basic vector-based graphic which is simply made inside Flash. I created a square with the rectangle tool, but I recently decided that it would look better if it was more "old-school", so i created a 8x8px image in Adobe Photoshop. I imported that to Flash and converted it to a symbol. Then I added it to the stage, added an Adjust Color-filter, and then I was able to change the color of the image using those filter-adjustments.

I want to be able to change the color of the boxes in AS3. I see that I can create several layers with different colors and etc., but I want to do that using AS3. I am planning to use the box as the player-character, so I want to make it easy to change the color from for example green to blue, and blue to red (for different skins). Any suggestions? :)

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