vendredi 26 juin 2015

C# communication with a flash server

This question may seem simple but I am just starting out and I can't find conclusive answers on the tutorials and other questions I am trying to search through. The basic project idea is a client, which I intend to program in c#, that will communicate with an external flash server using AS3, interpret the data and send commands back, ie a bot that isn't one of the click macros that most posts are on because this wouldn't be interesting from an academic perspective which is the whole point of the endevour, I would be replicating the commands sent by the actual client. The question this brings, as the first major hurdle of the project is how do I sent these commands, in terms of syntax? If I set up a socket I don't understand how I would parse the data going between if they are both in seperate languages, which is a necessity as AS3 isn't suited to my needs at all. Would I be sending a strong containing as3 syntax?

Thanks in advance, T

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