mardi 23 juin 2015

How to draw the actual URL data in the webViewBitmap (StageWebView -ActionScript 3.0)

I have this problem: I use the StageWebView to load an the google map. then I use the BitmapData to draw the viewPort to BitmapData At this point all is good; but the problem is the captured data: ----------->the first loaded data: [first loaded image][1] of google map

---------->And I want to capture this: [second loaded image][2] of my actual location (change zoom ; place)

I search and I found that I must load data from this function:

public function getUpdate(event:LocationChangeEvent):void{
**trace("you are now at: ", webView.location);**
trace("the new url is blocked");

can I get data from the trace function? Thank you? I want to have as Trimble sketchup captured location [as trimble sketchup][3] whene we use location button

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