samedi 27 juin 2015

How to Switch to a Frame Visually, Without Running its Actionscript?

I've run to a problem. I've got a SWF that is divided into frames. What I'm trying to do, is switch to one of my frames which has actionscript code, but I just want the visual elements to be displayed, without executing the actionscript code it contains.

I am trying to switch to this frame using gotoAndStop("frame-name");

I've tried to add a boolean value to the code in this frame, that decides whether or not it gets executed, I set the value the first time that frame's actionscript is executed, but this value is ignored as if using gotoAndStop creates a new instance of that frame's actionscript code, so it doesn't retain the boolean value I set.

Is there any way to not allow actionscript execution of this frame?



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