vendredi 25 septembre 2015

AS3 landing smoothly under affect of Gravity

I'm attempting a to make a Fighting game with multiple platforms. I've currently successfully made the controls, movement, (double)jumping, and gravity parts of the game.

My problem is, when a player jumps (more visible when the player Double jumps), when they reach the ground, they seem to go a bit deeper than they should on the platform (they should land and stay on the surface of the platform).

I know why this happens; it's because sometimes hitTestObject takes a while to react when objects come in too quickly.

So, the first thing I thought up is to make the player's foot's y axis equal to the y axis of the top of the platform he lands on.

The problem is; that solution resulted in a rather jerky landing.

So, my question is; Is there a way to make the player to land smoothly on the top surface of the platform?

Some things I've tried:

-Raising FPS, it just made the same effect happen, but more quickly.

-Decreasing the speed at which the player falls, but that makes the game less fun, so I'm crossing it out.

And here's my Code:

Gravity and Jumping:

stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);
var jumpConstant:Number = 30;
var gravityConstant:Number = 1.8;
function loop(e:Event):void //happens 
    if(player.leg1.foreleg1.foot1.hitTestObject(platforms.ground)||player.leg2.foreleg2.foot2.hitTestObject(platforms.ground)) //if either of the player's legs are colliding with the platform [ps: nested movieclips]
        player.ySpeed = 0; //the player stops going downwards
        player.y = platforms.y; //the player's y becomes the platform's y. don't worry, it puts the player in the right place, just not smoothly.
        if (player.b_up) //if Up control button (W or Up Arrow) is being pressed
            player.ySpeed = -player.jumpConstant; //make the player jump

    else //if the player isn't colliding with the platform
        player.ySpeed += player.gravityConstant; //the player is affected by gravity and is pulled downwards

It has more code than that, but that's all that's relevant.

Link to the game if you wanna try it out to see the jerky effect:

Thank you in advance :)

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