mardi 22 septembre 2015

Flash to HTML5 site building advice required?

I've used and trusted Flash for over a decade but as it seems that the world is slowly turning on it, it's seems fair to assume that at the very least it makes good sense to convert any new ideas into a more accepted medium.

By working on a new site and/or converting a new project for HTML5, is it a wise move to restructure internal design and coding to inline coding with frame based animation etc so to be able to maximise it's potential with Javasscript coding etc?

Package based classes will obviously become redundant and using multi sectional media seems to me to be unusable in this way, am I right in thinking this?

Also, having played with Unity3D, is it a viable solution to think that you could create a full interactive website in the same manner as with Flash previously and incorporate galleries and or coded interactive medie to feature within or as an overlay in this manner? Also would it be possible to fuse a Unity based site with interactive media to reference galleries or alternative ways of displaying media, so if I designed a 3d shop and incorporated various sections to activate (for example) the help section, Q & A, and any other sections whereby I'd like to have an as3 feature activated to view, either as a pop up or an onscreen overlay etc?

Any help to this would be gratefully recieved as it seems that with the lack of forward support from Adobe with regards to Flash, it is slowly being killed off and lacking a stable reason for people to use it.

Thanks in advance.

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