samedi 26 septembre 2015

Local SWF file running in a browser within dropbox cannot access remote file security sandbox violation - Cross Domain Policy

I'm using dropbox to distribute large swf files with corresponding html files that load the swfs. All the large swf files access a small "Key" swf in the same folder as the html file. That all works fine. But when the large swf files also try to access a remote text file on my server I get a security sandbox violation. After reading about this, I see that this is by design for security reasons.

But there has to be a way around this without having the user authorize the domain containing the txt file. The reason I say this is because the swf files are running right from the browser on the persons computer. I then thought about a cross domain policy. Not sure what it would look like since it's a local computer that's asking. I hope this makes sense. I was hoping I could put the cross domain policy (or some other file) on the users computer right along with the other files, but I don't think that's what they're for.

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