vendredi 20 novembre 2015

AIR AS3 Oauth get access_token os x Authentication window

I'm facing a problem with oauth in AS3 against Reddit. I'm using the library: Actionscript-oauth2 I did some debugging: The webview is directed to, login using password and username, Click 'Allow', the webView redirected to http://localhost (i have set it in dev console (preferences) in reddit) with the param ?code=XXXX... the library extract the code from the response url and send a 2nd request to with the code , grant_type: authorization_code, client_id and once again redirect to http://localhost.

The problem is that the 2nd request (to: /access_token) launch a os x screen (see in screenshot) Authentication window asking for auth against "area reddit", i dont understand the meaning of this screen, why does it appear.. the username and password of reddit account doesn't work in that screen. if i click the cancel i get http status resp: "401" with empty response body. I have noticed that if im setting the 2nd request urlRequest.authenticate to false the window doesn't appear but im getting "401" with empty resp body once again, so I'm guessing it's equivalent to click "cancel" in the auth window...

Anyone have a clue why this window is appearing and what the meaning if it..?

Thx in advance :)

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