samedi 21 novembre 2015

Away3D in a Flex Panel component?

I have a large legacy app which uses Papervision to display spherical panoramas within a Flex Panel component. The functionality is that the panel appears initially @ 320 x 240 px on a 1024 x 768 stage and then is scaled "fullscreen" to fill the stage if the user doubleclicks on it.

Performance is very poor at "fullscreen" and Papervision is no longer being developed so I am looking for alternatives. In my initial explorations of Away3d, performance at that size is good but I haven't yet tried integrating it in the larger project.

Question: Upon further reading, my understanding now is that Away3d is not in the Display list and so will not integrate with Flex components but rather be displayed behind them (A Flex Panel is not a window with its own stage, etc.). So I am concluding that Away3d won't work as a drop-in replacement for Papervision. Do I have this correct? Is there an alternative solution which wouldn't require massive changes to the legacy project overall?

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