lundi 23 novembre 2015

How to create webservice for online game

I created a game in flash, for android(I know flash is dead, but was the only platform I knew how to code a game). It's based on matches, I did the AI and the game works very well offline.

But now I want to make it online and I never developed anything for web, like websites, webservers. I do not even know what SOAP, REST and this methodologies are.

So what do I need to learn to develop something like this? Here are the requirements :

  • I want to create a "room" with your facebook friends that are online in the moment.
  • In this "room" you can invite them to play a match.
  • The information that is passed client to client is only two points in the cartesian plane(e.g., {(1,2), (3,5)}) and the information that the game may have ended.

It's important to notice that the server must hold connections from cellphones. The information passed is from cellphone to cellphone.

Develop the whole game in another language or platform is not an option. This is my first game that will be published, so its more like an learning exercise. I dont know PHP nor Python, but I can learn it.


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