jeudi 19 novembre 2015

How to make programming in Adobe Flash less terrible?

Yo. I have to learn to program in Flash (ActionScript) for a school subject. I've been programming games and applications in Java, using Eclipse, for almost a year now, which might sound like an advantage for learning Flash, but it has turned out to be a curse. I've learned to live with the syntax of ActionScript, but what I cannot cope with is the IDE (if you can call it that, I'm talking about the Actions window in Flash). It does nothing to help me with anything. Where is the automatic code completion? The little suggestion box that pops up to show available fields and methods? Mouse-over doc lookup? Rectangle selection? It can't even check for syntax errors??? I'm getting quite tired of the basic "tools" provided for ActionScript programming..

So my question is: How can I improve my Flash programming experience? There must be something I'm overlooking, because I can't imagine serious Flash developers have to cope with these caveman-like features. Most important thing for me would be to hook up an api doc to Flash so I don't have to type blindly and hope methods and fields work like I hope. (And I'm really not impressed with the online api docs either..) TL;DR: Getting tired of the caveman-like "features" of Flash programming. How to make it more like a proper IDE? (Eclipse)

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