samedi 21 novembre 2015

Using RadioButton with RadioButtonGroup in a DataGridColumn (in a quiz application)

I am having some issues to properly use several RadioButton components along with a RadioButtonGroup in my quiz application (when they are rendered via ItemRenderer under DataGridColumn).

The quiz page displays a question along with 4 possible answers which represented by RadioButton components (tied with a unique RadioButtonGroup). A quiz usually contains many multiple choice questions.

Everything works fine until I navigate to the next question and return to the previous question; then I could see my former answer selection in the radio button although when I change my answer and select a different radio button it keeps my old selection and add the new one, which is entirely unreasonable (since RadioButtonGroup should enforce selection of one option only).

Here is how I define the DataGridColumn:

<mx:DataGrid y="141" height="373" dataProvider="{currentQuestion.answers}" id="answersGrid" visible="false"  styleName="NoStyleDataGrid" useRollOver="false" headerHeight="0" width="381" x="461" variableRowHeight="true">           
            <mx:DataGridColumn  width="20" dataField="key">
                        <mx:Canvas width="100%" height="100%" verticalScrollPolicy="off" horizontalScrollPolicy="off" top="0">
                                    import mx.core.Application;

                            <mx:RadioButton id="rb" value="{data.number}" selected="{outerDocument.isSelected(data.number,rb)}"  group="{outerDocument.getGroup()}" click="outerDocument.setAnswerState(event,data.number)" width="100%" height="30" x="12" y="0" />                                


I make sure each question has its own unique Group to contain the RadioButton components (as answers) using this code:

        public function getGroup():RadioButtonGroup{                
                return radioGroupMap[currentQuestion.key] as RadioButtonGroup;                                      
            radioGroupMap[currentQuestion.key] = new RadioButtonGroup();
            return radioGroupMap[currentQuestion.key] as RadioButtonGroup;

This code works fine as long as I do not go to the next question and return to the previous one.

Appreciate any help on this issue.


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