vendredi 20 novembre 2015

Vimeo file does not work on other level that zero. Sandbox error

First of all, I must say that I am learning AS3 right now and I'm not a programmer After a long fight with the "Sandbox Security violation", I managed to upload a Vimeo file on my flash and it works fine

Now, I'm trying to load the SWF at another level, calling with from another flash file and the Sandbox error appears again and the video will not play.

Besides that, how works the levels in As3, I can't find the way to load an swf in a level... setChildIndex seems to modify the z-index (see image)

Thanks for help

//getChildByName("mc_video").visible = true;
var loadit = new Loader();
loadit.load(new URLRequest("vimeo_player.swf"));

var loadit2 = new Loader();
loadit2.load(new URLRequest("test.swf"));
setChildIndex(loadit2, 2);


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