samedi 28 novembre 2015

Wifi Direct Group Owner & discovering neighbors

If I create a Wifi-Direct group on Android using AIR Native Extension, devices that connect to that network can discover each other utilizing NetConnection, NetGroup etc. The problem is that Group Owner itself is not discovered and thus not added so it can't communicate with peers connected to it. The interesting thing is that if this Group Owner is already connected to another wifi AP, then it is discovered too and it can communicate with other peers. This connection keeps even after GO disconnects from that AP so I think the only problem is initial peers discovery. I can also use sockets to establish connection between GO and a wifi device connected to its group but I really need to use NetGroup and its advantages (RTMFP, Multicasting etc.).

So - anyone has an idea how to establish a NetGroup where Wifi-Direct GO and its clients can see each other without help of any other AP?

Thank you!

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