jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Flash GotoFrame on Keypress

I am trying to figure out some code where when I press one of the 4 arrow keys, flash goes to a certain frame on the timeline. And when none of these keys are being pressed, it will return to its original start point on the timeline. I have seen some examples on this site, but I am struggling with it, especially returning to the original point on the timeline when there are no keypresses.

So for example.

if no keypress gotoandstop (10)
if keypress=UPARROW gotoandstop (20)
if keypress=DOWNARROW gotoandstop (30)
if keypress=LEFTARROW gotoandstop (40)
if keypress=RIGHTARROW gotoandstop (50)

I know thats not code, but its the clearest way I could explain it.

If anyone can help, I would be grateful. Thanks

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