mardi 22 décembre 2015

How to Create a Doppler Effect Applet for Particles

I need to make an applet which is very similar to Doppler Effect applets, except that wavefronts are made of separate dots (particles like photons). There is a moving source (a round ball) and wavefronts consisting of a certain number of dots (not point-like, but 1 mm in diameter) are generated right at its edge and spread with a uniform speed. As the radius of the wavefront increases, the distance between the dots is increasing as well. But the number of dots and their size must stay the same, to show that these are the same dots moving. As the basis for this applet, I am using the applet found at the site: The reason I chose this applet is because it is based on an old version of Flash (MX2K4 with ActionScript 1) which allows to create dotted circles. I also checked a number of other Doppler applets which have been made with Easy JavaScript Simulations but they did not allow for dotted circles. So my first question is: can you advise me some programs to create applets with dotted circles? Specifically, I must stress that I need dotted circles with the same number and size of dots but with increased distance between dots as the circle expands. Now when I tried to create Doppler applet with dotted circles using Flash MX2K4 with ActionScript 1, I ran into several problems. In the original applet, wavefront expansion was done in the following way: it was a movie generated from two keyframes, while intermediate keyframes were shape tweened. First keyframe was a circle of a small diameter, and last keyframe was a circle of a large diameter. Both circles were represented by a thin line. When I tried to create applet with dotted circles, I made the first keyframe as a small circle with 1 mm dots almost touching each other. The last keyframe was a large circle with the same number of 1 mm dots but with a large spacing between the dots. The dots were in the same relative positions both in small and large circles. When I attempted to make a movie clip with these first and last frames using a shape tween, it did not keep the same number of dots. It created more and more dots with the same small spacing between them – up until the last frame when the spacing between the dots suddenly became very large (as it should have been). So my second question is why is it happening? And how to solve this problem? This problem arose since I tried to create a movie clip for wavefronts by tweening between the first and last frames in Flash MX2KK. Can you advise me of some other software which can create a movie clip with expanding dotted circles which I can insert into this Flash MX2K4 applet? I understand that this is a very old version of Flash. In fact I tried to use some later versions of Flash (e.g. Flash CC) but they all have the same problem with dot spacing in expanding circles. Thank you in advance for any help. Your help will be oh-so-much appreciated!

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