mardi 29 décembre 2015

Is a big code embedded into the first frame of root on Flash considered a bad practice?

I am planning to create a game with the help of Flash CS3/AS3. This game will feature too many functions and lots of code. A 30-seconds demo alone I've been making here already has 5,000 lines of code, and will only get bigger and bigger as I make progress.

I'm planning on separating snippets of this code into separate as files, so I can embed them on the timeline using the include function, but before I proceed, I need to know: Is this considered a bad practice?

I mean, there will be a point in development where the code will become so huge, it might threaten the game's stability, or am I just paranoid and this is a perfectly normal way to address this issue. Pasting all the important functionality on the timeline and being done with it?

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