jeudi 31 décembre 2015

Play different animation on every other rollover?

I have a couple of buttons which have corresponding movieclips. Every movieclip has two different animations (first starts at frame 1, second on frame 20). I want the animations to play alternating on MOUSE.OVER

Now I am wondering how to do this with one function. Buttons are always named e.g thing and movieclips thing_mc.

I was thinking something like this:

var thing_bo:Boolean = false;

function over(e:MouseEvent)
    var mcName = + "_mc";
    var yourContainer:DisplayObjectContainer = e.currentTarget.parent as DisplayObjectContainer;
    var mc = yourContainer.getChildByName( mcName );

    var boName = + "_bo";

    if (!boName) {
        boName = true; 
    } else {
        boName = false; 

How to I get this to work? Is there a simpler way?

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