samedi 26 décembre 2015

Starling for IOS & Android: Very low FPS in a static situation

I created an application with Starling, on the new mobile devices it performs amazingly well, however on the older devices (e.g. iPhone 4) I encounter a very odd lag.

I have as far as I can tell a completely static situation:

There are quite a few display objects added to stage, many of them are buttons in case it matters, their properties are not changed at all after initialization (x, y, rotation, etc...). There are no enterframes / timeouts / intervals / requests of any kind in the background. I'm not allocating / deallocating any memory.

In this situation, there's an average of 10 FPS out of 30, which is very odd.

Since Starling is a well established framework, I imagine it's me who's doing something wrong / not understanding something / not aware of something.

Any idea what might be causing it?

Do I need to perhaps manually set some properties to let starling know not to redraw display objects which properties are not changed?

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem?

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