mardi 29 décembre 2015

why flash/AS3 is deadly?

I have been developed (Adobe AIR)/(flash) more than 5 years until 2014. Learn a lot about programming with using ActionScript 3.0. such as animation,web game,mobile game,video+camera,sound+speaker,stage3D + AGAL(open a new door about programming of graphics rendering for me), etc...

I know that it's so many security bugs in Flash Player,but you can use Adobe AIR on mobile.Easy to meet the performance bottleneck on mobile . But it is easier to do so many thing like multi-platform game(web/iOS/Android Adobe AIR game) than other languages.

But I don't get the point to convince me that why it is disappearing so quickly ?

PS: Don't worry about me. I had moved on and learned a lot of new programming language and zone. such as go+thrift , redis , python django , nginx-lua,openWRT , c , java ssh2(outsource). From frontend to backend,I had a bit comfortable with the lacking of UE by other frontend programer.And the problem of MySQL was more puzzled me.

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