mardi 23 février 2016

AS3 Apache Flex: click randomly not updating stage until mouse moves

I have a SWF that displays a field of stars as a single BITMAP added to the Stage. The image is dynamically generated through the Bitmap's BitmapData, to allow trackball interaction with the star field. Planets and other buttons are also on the stage with hint Labels underneath.

All works as expected. However, sometimes clicking a button, performs an operation, that does not show up until the mouse moves. For example, clicking the button to toggle planet labels, will immediately update the stage with labels turning on and off. But sometimes, the click does nothing, until the mouse is moved, or another click is made and then both clicks activate in series.

Same goes for a button that resets the star field to show either the Sun to Earth or Earth to Sun view. Click the image (button) and the background star field updates immediately. However, sometimes it does nothing until the mouse moves. It seems like an interface timing issue beyond my control.

Anybody encounter this situation? Working on MAC with Firefox, all latest updates.

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