lundi 29 février 2016

AS3: a non systematic XML loading bug

As said in my title, I have a XML loading problem. In my code, I load some XML files for showing the texts included in these XML files. But these texts aren't displayed in the Flash online software.

The language changes with the user choice. It's for every text in the software. When you begin to use the software, after a location files loading and a data conversion for a new format in the database, you arrive on a main menu, not included in the previous version. There are several problems with this bug :

  1. It's a non systematic bug. When I deploy application six times, I would have this problem around only once. I must do deployments for one hour for seeing the bug again. The bug seems to arrive only in an "old version → new version" deployment, too.
  2. In the software, the bug goes away by itself after from five to ten minutes. You can change language. Before the ten minutes, the concerned texts will be empty only in the default language. After the ten minutes, there isn't the bug anymore.
  3. The concerned texts are in new XML tags, not included in the previous version.

Because this is a non systematic bug, it's very laborious to debug this problem (new informations after one hour full of deployments…). Among others, I try to force software to load texts again before the main menu display. Without success…

Unfortunately, I can't send my code, because I haven't my code with me now. I will be able to realize my tests in some hours.

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