jeudi 25 février 2016

AS3 TextField: How do I Turn Off Long Keypress Extended Characters?

In Flash/AS3 (in AIR on OSX), I have a TextField object that is a child of a different display object. The TextField is set to type DynamicText. If any object but the TextField is clicked (or just the stage), pressing and holding down a key will result in repeat KeyDown messages, which is fine.

However, if the TextField object is clicked/selected, and I hold down a key, I get the "extended character selector" popup (for alternate Unicode characters associated with that key). There does not seem to be an event for this, and I haven't found any documentation that describes this situation.

Can this feature (long press results in extended character selector) be turned off? How?

This image demonstrates the popup when the "S" key is held down: Long Press Extended Character Example

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