mardi 23 février 2016

Image format with Subimages or layers

So let's say that i have a paint program like adobe ilustrator(currently refering to Krita software). And let's say i made 5 layers and paint a simple stickman. 1 layer is transperent canvas, 2 is two legs, 3 is body, 4 hands, 5 head. All those layers combined made a stickman(that fine). now i load this picture into actionsript3. But now lets say that i want to move only legs by 10pixels without moving rest body. I won't be able to do this, maximum what i can is move whole stickman by 10pixel. Is there a format that will save whole image but also will indicate 5 subgroup(subimages, subdata.... call it what you want) like legs, body and others. Goal of this is that sometimes i want to rotate all stickman but sometimes i want to move only specific part like legs. Or the only way is to make 4 pictures of every body part and load them 1 by 1 into as3 and after combine into 1 single stickman?

hope this picture will help you a little

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