dimanche 21 février 2016

push notifications with adobe AIR (flash) works on iOS, not on Android

I have gotten push notifications to work on iOS using the milkman games "easy push" plugin. But I cant get it to work on android. The app crashes at the initManual() method(I have my own backend). This is the relevant error output:

Error: Failed creating EasyPush Extension Context.
at com.milkmangames.nativeextensions::EasyPush$/initContext()[D:\data\svn.milkmangames\trunk\ane\easypush\swclibrary\src\as3\com\milkmangames\nativeextensions\EasyPush.as:240]
at com.milkmangames.nativeextensions::EasyPush$/initManual()[D:\data\svn.milkmangames\trunk\ane\easypush\swclibrary\src\as3\com\milkmangames\nativeextensions\EasyPush.as:61]

If anyone happens to have experience with this plugin, please reply, or if you can suggest an entirely new route, I'm open. Thanks, - Corbin.

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