mardi 14 juin 2016

AS3, clarification on the 'this' pointer

I am writing a program in flex, and I am having an issue with the this pointer.

I have a function call inside of a function and I am wondering which event my this pointer is passing.

private function funcA(someArgument)
{"Title", "Body", funcB, this) // the 'this' is the argument for funcB

private function funcB(CloseEvent:event)
   if(event == Event.CANCEL)
   if(event == Event.COMPLETE)

To clarify, my question is, when I pass the this pointer into the function in the newDialog, am I passing my newly created Dialogue or am I passing in funcA. I'm thinking and hoping its the former.

I would just test this manually but the system is really large and currently tied in with other events so its difficult for me to just instantiate objects to test them.

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