jeudi 23 juin 2016

AS3 Wheel of Fortune spinning

I'm working on wheel of fortune project but i'm currently struggling with the code. I have attached the design of the wheel. I'm not a coder, i'm a designer and i need to do all the animation and the effects but i want to do it professional and that part is very important. What i want to do is when you click on the spin button the wheel to rotate for 4-5 seconds with ease in/out effect and to stop each time on different random sector. Ill do different animations for each sector in separate movie clip and when it stops on a sector i want the movie clip related with that sector to start playing. My idea is to make the wheel as a movie clip and each sector animation movie clips to be nested in it so when it stops that specific movie clip starts. Maybe I need to make each position of the wheel on key frame and to place the animations on these frames, but not sure if that is the right way. One of the thing is that these movie clips with the effects shoud be easy for re position. I need to move them on the stage if needed and that's why i don't want them to be triggered with code. If you can guide me step by step how to do that part i will appreciate your help. Thanks in advanced. wheel design

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