mardi 21 juin 2016

How can I pass ComboBox labels in AS3 to jsfl file?

I'm creating a swf panel called "CAD-Standard Panel" in Adobe Animate which has a combo box and simply i need to pass its label"exeType " to a variables in a jsfl file "DB1".

AS3 code

var exeType = drop_box_1.selectedItem.label;
Demo_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, test1);
function test1(e:MouseEvent):void {     
MMExecute("fl.runScript(fl.configURI + 'WindowSWF/Script-1.jsfl')");

JSFL code

var swfpanel = fl.configURI + 'WindowSWF/CAD-Standard Panel.swf';
var DB1 = swfpanel.getControlItemElement("drop_box_1");
alert (DB1);

So I face an error that "swfpanel.getControlItemElement" is not a function but i need to establish a connection to pass this variable.

Any suggestions

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