jeudi 29 septembre 2016

Flex Error #2038 trying to uninstall Adobe AIR application in Mac

I'm trying to install a simple Flex AIR application in a Mac computer. Firstly, I tried the installation, but it failed at the end because the computer didn't have the latest Adobe AIR version (23.0.0).

After updating Adobe AIR, I tried the installation again and a pop up appears showing

The same version of the application you opened already exists on this system. Would you like to run the version already installed?

If I click on "Run now", nothing happens (because the application is not really installed in the computer), and if I click on "Uninstall", I receive a #2038 error (because the system is trying to uninstall an application that is not really installed).

If I install it on another Mac with no previous version of the installer, it installs fine. If I try to install the same application with a different name and Flex id version, it installs fine as well. Removing all installer files and reference files to the application in the computer does not fix the problem, nor does trashing the plist preferences file from the library.

Any ideas?

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