jeudi 15 septembre 2016

How to attach functioning listener to Paste from ClipBoard event in ActionScript 3?

Adobe Livedocs page about Paste event on an InteractiveObject has a note like this:

TextField objects do not dispatch clear, copy, cut, paste, or selectAll events. TextField objects always include Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, and Select All commands in the context menu. You cannot remove these commands from the context menu for TextField objects. For TextField objects, selecting these commands (or their keyboard equivalents) does not generate clear, copy, cut, paste, or selectAll events. However, other classes that extend the InteractiveObject class, including components built using the Flash Text Engine (FTE), will dispatch these events in response to user actions such as keyboard shortcuts and context menus.

However we couldn't find any InteractiveObject at all that supports Paste event, including Sprite, SimpleButton, TextLine. Does anybody know what other classes Adobe is talking about in this paragraph?

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