vendredi 30 septembre 2016

Re-wrapping a license in my AIR application

Okay so I'm currently working on a game in FlashDevelop, I'm compiling the game as a standalone AIR application as I have plans in the future of trying to see if I can go through Steam Greenlight.

The problem I'm facing is with the software license that gets automatically compiled into my game when I run the PackageApp.bat file (I'm using the AIR AS3 Projector project type). I've made some slight modifications to the default bat files, but I haven't touched them in such a long time that I actually forgot how I originally got the license to get compiled in the first place.

The license currently being compiled is the GNU Lesser General Public License, this went in line with how I envisioned my game to be at the time (many months ago). Now that I'm committed to getting my game on Steam I feel I need a stricter license, or at least not the LGPL. My game right now is open source but I think I'm going to go private once my game releases in beta.

Basically what I'm asking is if anyone knows how I can remove the automatic process of the PackageApp.bat compiling the LGPL with my standalone program. I've looked through all the bat files but there doesn't seem to be any obvious spot where the license is put in. I hope I'm not just dumb and am missing a simple solution. I can provide the code to the bat files if need be, thanks in advanced!

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