jeudi 29 septembre 2016

Scene navigation in adobe flash

I created a flash file contained 2 scenes, "Wheel_Slide_In" and "Wheel_Rotate". mu goal is to play scene "Wheel_Rotate" after "Wheel_Slide_In" finish playing. I put this codes in the last frame of "Wheel_Slide_In" :

//MovieClip(parent).gotoAndPlay(1, "Wheel_Rotate");

and many many other random! combinations with parent and root to tell the flash this simple task!

Hey dear Flash, please play "Wheel_Rotate" Scene after "Wheel_Slide_In" Scene! Simplz! unfortunately, I and Flash don't talk the same language! could you please help me to write the correct code and understand how you play another scene from a different one?

many thanks

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