lundi 28 novembre 2016

Add navigation when flash is in fullscreen mode [chrome]

I want to add an advertisment on my website when playing a live video.

when receiving a message(including the image source& navigation url), I load the image and add such mouse handler in my as3 code:

function navigateUrl(event:MouseEvent):void{ navigateToURL(new URLRequest(targetUrl),"_blank"); }

It works on normal mode and full-screen mode in other browsers. However, this navigation was blocked by Google Chrome if the ad is added in full-screen mode. Without switching into normal mode, the image cannot be clicked.

I've searched for two days and cannot find a solution.

solution I've tried:

1.use js to navigate;(

2.add 'a' tag in html and bind the url, try to navigate;(

3.add sprite to stage (size 1X1) and reload image at full-screen.

navigation was blocked

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