mardi 29 novembre 2016

Avatar Layering and Animating in Flash

So for my latest Flash project, I'm designing a game. The dimetric character can move in 8 directions. I've been given the spritesheets for the hats, hair styles, etc., that the player can wear.

The spritesheets contain the images for each direction, AND they contain four frames of animation (four per direction) for when the player is walking. This is basically the layout of the Spritesheet (and all of the files and "frames" are the same size, which makes things easier):

[IDLE]              [WALKING]                 

My goal is to embed all of the items in a single file other than the main one. But I need to implement walking animation.

One thought I had is to set the main SWF's framerate to 7 FPS, then use an Event.ENTER_FRAME handler to alternate between the walking ones. Programmatically animating.

Another thought is to create SWFs for each item of clothing, then use motion tweening to move the spritesheet symbol over the stage.

What I'd really like it so avoid using Adobe Animate entirely. Even if there's an approach that requires the use of Flex, I'd take it if it meant saying goodbye to graphically-designing.

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