samedi 26 novembre 2016

How can I make removeChild() work like unloadAndStop()?

Hooboy. I'm building an "interactive book" using Flash and Air for iOS, and have VERY little AS3 experience...

I had planned to load "pages" in as external SWFs then banish them with unloadAndStop - so that each time a user "turned the page" the SWF loaded in and the nested mini-games in those pages would play "fresh" for the first time. Well - apparently reloaded SWFs are a no-go for AIR and iOS.

I suppose I'm left with replacing those external SWFS with Internal MCs and using AddChild / RemoveChild - but that doesn't reset the variables so that the mini-games play fresh and I'm a little too green to know a better solution.

Is there any way to beef up RemoveChild so the MC loads "fresh" every time I put it on stage?

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