mercredi 16 novembre 2016

How do I refresh the mouse cursor after I remove focus from a TextField?

I want to remove focus and selection on a textfield, if the user types ESC or ENTER, or focuses somewhere else. Thus I do this:

        stage.focus = null;

        textField.type = TextFieldType.DYNAMIC;
        textField.selectable = false;
        textField.mouseEnabled = false;

The problem is that, if the mouse is over the editable text field, the mouse is in IBEAM mode (caret cursor) and remains in IBEAM mode, even after the commands above, untill I slightly move the mouse, at which point it returns to the AUTO state.

I want to force the mouse to update itself and satisfy the AUTO state but no matter how much I try to make sure the textfield is disabled, it won't dissapear on its own, only after I move the mouse a bit.

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